How do I get in contact with the author of this site?
Write your note in the guestbook which I read from time to time. My email address will not be published on this site, because I no longer have time to answer questions, and because of a vast amount of junk mails.

Why is this site so rarely updated?
The first years FCI was my hobby, but today I haven’t got as much time left, and also periodically I have lacked the inspiration for developing this site.

Are the images really free?
Yes, all images on the FCI site are free for non-profit use.

Where can the images be used?
The images can be used almost anywhere you like, but only for non-profit purposes. They can be used on web pages (your personal homepage or your Church’s site), in newsletters and presentations, in Church bulletins, in brochures, on overhead screens, on posters, on your personal cards and letters, or when making your own tracts.┬áThe graphics are best suited for online display since they are compressed or color reduced to get a small file size for fast downloading.

Are there any rules for how I may use the images?
Yes, the images may not be…
altered or changed in any way
included in any other graphic collection, online or other
sold or printed on items that are being sold
used in commercial products
used for profit purposes
used as parts of logotypes
used as banners for web pages or web-ring graphics
linked from this server (i.e. they must be downloaded).

Do I need a special permission?

Am I required to put up a link to your site?
No. But you are welcome to do so.
<a href=”http://www.freechristianimages.se/”>FCI: Free Christian Images</a>

How do I view the images?
Go to the page called Images. View the images by clicking one of the image pages in the menu.

How do I download an image?
Hold the mouse over the image to be downloaded
right-click (pc-users) on the image
from the pop-up menu, choose Save image as
save the image to a directory on your hard drive.
If your browser supports the download attribute to link elements you can simply click on the image you want to download.

I’m unable to download, can I link the images from your server?
No, you may not link images from this server, i.e. directly from www.freechristianimages.se.

Are the images available in larger versions with higher resolution?
Yes and no. A few of the newer images are also available as wallpapers. But most of the images are not available in larger versions.

How do I submit graphics for consideration, possibly to be posted?
Graphic submission to this site is no longer possible.

Can you make me a custom made graphic?
Sorry to say, no.